New to my range of services! Introducing Well Being Events.

Providing a range of taster treatments to encourage people to relax and unwind.

  • Massage – feet/hands/shoulders
  • Reflexology
  • Aromatherapy
  • Indian Head Massage

Each event can be aimed at a specific target group; older people or the general public.

I can provide qualified and experienced therapists. All are insured and have many years of experience.

Why not add a range of classes to enhance the  day; Fitness/Yoga/Pilates if needed and this would incur an extra charge.

All equipment would be brought by therapists on the day.

Costs: Your event can be funded either by yourselves and offered FREE to the community or you could invite donations so that there is some funding being generated. The average cost of an afternoon of 2.5 hours would be £270 (involving 2 therapists).

How it works

If you offer a first come first served basis people can come and experience 15 to 30 minute treatments. You can operate an appointment system if you prefer where people book in and pop back when they are due. We collect any monitoring information that you may require and feed this back to you after the event. Flyers for the event can be provided in the form of a template.

Outcomes that can be expected from this type of event; improved feelings of well being / reduced stress / reduced anxiety / increased feelings of being part of the community. What people have said.

“I felt so relaxed – I wish I could come every week”

“It was so nice to try something I would not usually do”

“I slept really well after which is unusual for me”

Drop me an email and I will call you back to discuss your event further.